AI Lead Reactivation

Saltbush AI Done-For-You cold lead reactivation services is a Service with a Software. It is the fastest way to increase your sales in the next 30 days.

Saltbush lead reactivation campaigns or ‘win back’ campaigns can scale to thousands of contacts at a time through the intelligent use of AI, and six years SMS marketing technology experience of the founder, Wes Ward.

“The biggest problem with this type of campaign in the past was it was too successful. Our clients became overwhelmed by the amount of inbound response. The majority of the interest went cold again”

Wes Ward | Founder Saltbush AI

Take a free demonstration (takes seven minutes) of SALTBUSH in action and experience how it can transform your businesses.

“Our special offer makes new sales within hours of campaign launch. Best of all, we do it all for you”

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