How to Grow your Reach, Influence and Brand

How to Grow your Reach, Influence and Brand

Launching your own ‘radio show’ positions you as a leader in your market.

It’s a point of difference and communication device that is rarely used or used strategically to grow your reach, influence and brand.

Surprisingly, given the web and social media is fuelled by content, most businesses do not invest in premium content that will work for them 24/7/365.

The occasional ‘status update’ or ‘all about me’ content prevails a lot of the time.

Where the Real Value Lies

However, the real value of your own radio show is the ability to communicate and demonstrate your value to a potential client before they must commit to your services

By demonstrating and communicating your value proposition through EDUCATION based marketing, your own radio show or bizcast can become the tool to reach and influence more people in less time.

The Key to Becoming the Trusted Advisor

Providing high value, education based content relevant to your target audience is the key to successful radio show or bizcast.

Providing high value, education based content that transforms prospects into better informed buyers’ is the key to becoming a ‘trusted advisor’.

Further more, this positioning or ‘authority strategy’ begins to snowball and becomes an attractive story for the traditional media and industry news websites.

Compounding Your Leadership Position

Such exposure further compounds your leadership and authority position as there is still a certain ‘premium positioning’ reserved for traditional media exposure in my opinion.

Take my client, Hayden Real Estate for example, who recently launched the ‘Ocean Grove Living’ radio show.

They have now been featured in the Geelong Advertiser… their local regional newspaper

> See the article here

In addition, they made the front page of the leading industry news website,

>> See Article on REBonline here

They have also been featured in two local newspapers in their town.

The reaction to their radio show launch has been ‘overwhelmingly positive’ and as the client mentioned, ‘we’ve never had such a positive reaction to any marketing initiative before’.

You can view the ‘Ocean Grove Living’ radio show here

Building Your Platform

In addition to providing high value content, through your radio show, you’re creating platform for your brand.

This platform can reach your target audience at the best time of all… during their downtime, such as the commute to work, or at the gym.

The beauty of this ‘publishing strategy’ is your potential clients are relaxed. They are listening to you help them become better informed byers. There is not a sales rep in site so their BS detection system is down. It’s the perfect time to get your message across.

How to Reach More People in Less Time

If you would like to be positioned as a leader in your market, grow your reach, influence and brand, then go to where I can help you further.

From there, I have a special offer for the next 10 BizCast Radio clients.




Marketing innovator, Wes Ward, helps reposition time poor consultants and real estate professionals as leaders in their market.

His expertise in online branding, search engine optimisation and content marketing strategy helps clients communicate and demonstrate their real commercial value.

His magic begins by extracting the expertise and value that lies inside his clients mind and amplifying it through conversation, storytelling and digital strategy.

Wes’s goal is to transform clients from ‘commoditised, unknown, transaction-based sellers’ into ‘trusted advisors’ through value driven, education based marketing.

His latest innovation, ‘BizCast Radio’, is the first commercial service of its kind in Australia and quite possibly the world.

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